Partner with us

First Contact

We direct a request for consultation to your specific country’s sales representative. Our goal is to create long-term relationships, and learning about each other’s companies is an essential first step in this process. This initial call allows us to mutually determine if we’re the right fit for a long and successful partnership.

Fulfillment Strategy

Creating a fulfillment strategy is a necessary process. Let’s work together to create a supply agreement to best match both your monthly and required annual volume. Whether you’re scaling for the first time or experiencing consecutive years of growth, we can make sure your access to nicotine remains constant.

Discussion & Planning

Material requirements, market customization, and proper production forecasting are key to ensuring the stability of supply. You’ll speak to our team to evaluate and plan for your specific needs.


Global logistics and compliance planning are essential to a successful production plan. Let us help determine the best strategy to ensure your products arrives on time and on budget.