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Oral Nicotine, Energy and Functional Pouch Manufacturing

We are a Swedish, full-service, global contract manufacturer of premium quality next-generation products, specializing in Modern Nicotine Oral Tobacco derative alternatives and Modern Oral Energy and Functional Pouch Manufacturing.

Our strengths

Our innovating approach to consistently manufacture & deliver world-class products. Experience from medical production and product development.

Quality Management

Our quality management system and preventive action processes enable us to measure consistency and quality in real-time, with full traceability ensuring that every unit produced in our premises remains the highest quality and fulfills EU food production standard.

Global Partnerships

Whether you are looking for consistent product sourcing or our manufacturing capability, recipe development, products development services, we have the resources and know how to help you in the whole process.

Regulations & Compliance

We maintain high standard in every part of the process, licensing, registration, and regulatory processes to ensure that all our products meet and exceed even the most rigid inspection standards. We work end-to-end to make sure that we remain compliant and lead the way for safe consumer products.

Contract manufacturing services

Eu Pouch provides the full spectrum of manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and creative solutions for a broad range of modern oral nicotine pouches at the highest quality.

Our products are manufactured and packaged in our full HACCP and SIS standard compliant, and Swedish food and health inspected facilities.

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